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Camera Tracking Reimagined​

Project AVA is A lightweight, discrete motion tracking solution created through the lens of virtual production which enables real-time marker-less tracking in any environment.

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Project AVA Version 1

This marks project AVA’s Introduction and beginning of research and development into building a new tracking solution and with virtual production in mind. This showcases our proof of concept of capturing lens and orientation data and transmitting it into unreal engine with our new custom communication plugin.

AV2 | AVA Version 2

AV2 unlocks impressive new features which focus on driving us towards being a production-ready tool. AV2 is now capable of discreetly capturing zero drift, ultra-accurate absolute orientation. all while being completely wireless! These key improvements aid in AVA’s ability to now be capable of real-time pre-visualization in any environment.

Create the Unimagined

This video goes over our development process, identifying what current challenges we are working on solving, and where future development is going. As well as marking the partnership between District cinema and Vu Studio! Partnering with Vu now allows us iterate faster than ever before while working with cutting-edge LED technology enabling for ICVFX.